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I am bidding a porch remodel and was wondering if anyone would chime in and lend a helping hand or opinions on it. Here is a picture of the existing porch Here are some fast numbers I just joted down here. And very breif descriptions. Just remember these numbers were thrown together at 1150pm and my brain may not be working at full strength so dont beat me up if you think im off or thinking crazy. Theyre just a start for me to tweek. The entire porch will be removed and replaced with the same style just using composite decking and vinyl railing systems. I have never built a porch this large, although I have done quite a few decks and smaller porches. I just sometimes have a hard time figuring out how long it will take realisticly. So any suggestions would be great, good or bad. Porch size is 10'x27' 9'10 height and 18 of crawl space undernieth. Day 1-3 Demo 4guys Day 4-5 Prep/dig/set support posts/ concrete tubes 3guys Day 6-7 Build/set deck framing set roofposts 4x4's 3guys Day 8-9 Decking install - Begin framing for roof 3guys Day 10-12 Finish framing set roof plywood roof /paper 3 guys Day 13-15 Flash shingle railings gutters D/S 3guys Day 15-18 Bottom railings posts vinyl bottom of roof of Aztek beadboard 3guys 16hrs misc. running around 16hrs permit/inspection time 20hrs where i missed hours Am I around where others would be or am I just thinking wrong? If I can still add, that comes to 484hrs to build that porch. Seems like a lot to me, but then again I always think things can be done faster than it does. Thanks for the advice in advance.
Category: General Contractor Post By: David Rodridges (Sacramento, CA), 02/06/2018

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